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Tourist arrivals to surpass 700k mark


Dec 17, 2014 05:22:51 PM

Tourist arrivals to surpass 700k mark Fiji's tourism industry is looking at earning over $1billion with tourist arrivals expected to surpass the 700,000 mark.

Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association president Dixon Seeto says tourism will continue to be the largest foreign exchange earner for Fiji in years to come and it will continue to grow and their focus would be shifting towards the Asian market,particularly targeting the Chinese and Indian travelers.

“We will need to look for tourists that contribute more to the economy, those who spend more money."

“We will be targeting those who stay longer and spend more,” Seeto said.

“The more they spend will not only contribute to economic growth but revenue collection which will lead to improvement of public services such as the construction of roads, hospitals and so on.”

Seeto made the comments after meeting with Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority chief executive Jitoko Tikolevu today to discuss certain issues affecting the industry.

He said his association was one of the first that took the step to organizing regular meetings with FRCA.

“Things have not always gone our way but generally we have been able to resolve many issues that are affecting our members."

“There have been instances where FRCA had agreed to our position.We have also been able to make submissions on various policies that have benefited the industry."

“Through these meetings, we have also been able to build a relationship of trust between the association and FRCA."

Tikolevu on the other hand said the Authority will continue to engage and improve its relationship with stakeholders.

“This is important as we want to improve compliance as well as implement policies that will help them, the nation and the economy."

He added that regular meetings with FHTA has enabled them to understand the tourism industry better.

By Reginald Chandar


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