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Vodafone acquires Datec Fiji


May 21, 2015 02:59:20 PM

Vodafone acquires Datec Fiji Vodafone Fiji has announced 100% acquisition of leading IT company, Datec Fiji Limited

Vodafone Fiji Board Chairman Mr Ajith Kodagoda said the acquisition is strategically aligned to Vodafone Fiji’s future growth objectives and in line with strengthening Vodafone’s position as the market leaderto enhance service delivery to its clients.

 He said with Datec’s acquisition, Vodafone will be uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end ICT solutions, especially for the enterprise and business segment

“Whether it is hardware, software, peripherals or ICT solutions, Vodafone will now be equipped to provide one stop shop offering”.

 “The Datec takeover is good news for FNPF members, both present and the future.  Vodafone Fiji is now 100% locally owned entity and all dividends accruing from this acquisition shall be retained locally and reinvested into the Fijian economy.”

Datec chairman Mr Michael Ah Koy said the convergence of IT and telephony is a global technological certainty, so it made sense that Datec’s future as Fiji’s leading IT company be aligned with that of Fiji’s leading communications provider, Vodafone. 

 “Datec is over 25 years old, and has been proudly built on home grown Fijian talent. It is even more fitting that its new owners be Vodafone and its shareholders ATH and FNPF, essentially the workers of Fiji.  The formation of ATH set Fiji on the path of unprecedented development of the telecommunications sector, with all of its profits retained in Fiji now with 100% local shareholding. I am extremely proud of Datec as a company and that its ownership has been retained in Fiji for the next phase of its development.”

Vodafone CEO, Mr Pradeep Lal said with the advent of cloud based solutions, many telecommunications companies around the world are either acquiring IT companies or building such capacity in-house to offer cloud based services.

“Today is no longer about delivering voice or data solutions only.  In fact, many of our customers now expect the service provider to deliver end-to-end solutions.”

“Building such capability is essential in readiness for the next wave of technological evolution which primarily will be driven by “Internet of Things” and transition to cloudbased solutions. “

He said Vodafone will now have unparalleled capabilities to bring together the best of ICT solutions and managed services. This combination is expected to create access to an expanded addressable market with improved and sustainable long term growth opportunities.

Mr Lal added that Datec will continue to operate independently and all customer and supplier relationships, contracts and commitments remain intact.

However, over the next few months, Datec operations will be reviewed and aligned to ensure it is in a position to provide and support future technologies and is able to leverage Vodafone’s strength in providing connectivity and cloud based solutions.

By Reginald Chandar


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