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Vodafone rolls out 4G+ mobile network


Aug 21, 2016 11:53:14 PM

Vodafone rolls out 4G+ mobile network Vodafone Fiji has rolled-out its new 4G LTE Advanced or 4G+ mobile network to its customers.

Chief Executive Mr Pradeep Lal said they are proud to announce that their 4G+ Network is now live and active and the company is ready to provide this service to all customers.

“Vodafone Fiji is one of the first mobile operators in the Pacific to have encompassed the latest addition of 4G+ service for their customers. With accreditation from OOKLA as being the fastest 4G network provider in Fiji, Vodafone Fiji continues to invest in bringing the latest mobile technology to Fiji.”

He said they are sprinting into the ultra-fast universe of 4G+ to add more value and deliver the highest quality of mobile communication and unmatched speeds to customers.

“This ensures that Fiji is on par with the developed countries in the world and remains on the forefront of digital revolution. Billions of people across the world are already online and more are expected to join them in the next few years as broadband coverage expands transforming the world into a highly connected and interactive world,” said Mr Lal.

“The phase of mobile networks have transformed from not only having the capacity and capability of voice and SMS services but extended to value added services, high speed data and IOT (Internet of Things). The world is fast evolving with the power of mobile communication and Internet of Things are no longer seen as a distant future but more so is happening NOW”.

 “Data consumption on the internet is set to more than triple by 2018. The introduction of faster networks like 4G+ in Fiji means we are ready for what the future holds.”

“The introduction of 4G+ services provides a massive boost to any activity involving real time transfer of large amounts of data and live streaming of high definition video and television.”

“Customers with compatible smartphones are already enjoying our 4G+ Network and latest compatible devices are readily available in our stores to cater for our customers.”

“With theoretical download speeds of 225 Mbps on a 4G+ network; Vodafone’s ultrafast 4G Plus network makes managing your life on the go a breeze. Think: faster uploads, downloads and web browsing, better video viewing experiences or accessing apps on the go now a reality.”

“We have already rolled-out the first phase of the network and are continuing to expand to other locations. Our 4G+ network is now live and currently covers 65% of our population and by Christmas our coverage will reach 85% of the population.”

“Customers can enjoy the experience of our ultra-fast 4G+ speeds without any extra cost or setup. Customers can get hooked onto 4G+ given the location and their smartphone compatibility,” he added.

Since its humble beginnings in 1994, Vodafone has been the first mobile network operator every time to rollout the next generation of mobile technology in the country.

The network technology evolution has seen them graduate from 2G (GSM) to; 2.5G (GPRS) to 2.75 (Edge) to 3G and 3.5 (HSPA), 4G which was launched in 2013 and now the rollout of 4G+ or 4G LTE-Advanced network.

By Reginald Chandar

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