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Anna Calvi to drop new album Hunted


Feb 18, 2020 11:18:38 AM

Anna Calvi to drop new album Hunted Anna Calvi has shared Don’t Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy, featuring Courtney Barnett, the first song from upcoming album Hunted.

Calvi has crafted a stunning reworking of her critically acclaimed third album, Hunter, into her her fourth album Hunted.

On Hunter, she explored sexuality and breaking the laws of gender conformity.

Having revisited her first ever recordings for Hunter, Calvi found they offered an intimate and private view of the songs’ initial intentions. 

The seven tracks have been distilled to their bare essence on Hunted.

Calvi asked Courtney Barnett, Joe Talbot, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Julia Holter to collaborate with her and further transform the songs which featured her masterful guitar playing and formidable vocals.

Calvi says of Hunted: “During a break from touring I went back and listened to the first recordings I ever made of Hunter. These recordings capture the very moment I first wrote these songs, and recorded them on my own, in my attic studio. I find something especially intimate about sharing these most private recordings with my favourite singers and asking them to lend their voices and artistic sensibility. 

“Courtney Barnett is an amazing artist. Her voice and guitar playing together are mind blowing. Her ability to connect the profound to the smallest moments of human experience is the unique talent of a true artist.”

Rawer sounding than their original incarnations, the tracks on Hunted shine under the light of a different lens, one that brings the innate fragility of the compositions to the forefront and exquisitely melds together the dichotomy of the hunter and the hunted, the primal and the beautiful, the vulnerable and the strong.

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