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Jhené Aiko drops new album Chilombo.


Mar 06, 2020 09:17:53 AM

Singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko has confirmed the March 6 release of her new album Chilombo.

The first three advance single releases from Chilombo include Triggered, None Of Your Concern, and P*$$y Fairy.

The album title aims to highlight the artist’s full name, Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo.

The initial jam sessions where she freestyled the lyrics to each song, took place on The Big Island of Hawaii where her great grandmother was born. 

She was inspired by the beauty and power of the island's volcanoes, having visited throughout the years. 

Chilombo means wild beast, and a volcano is symbolic of the beautiful, yet powerful beast.

In contrast to her 2017 album, Trip, which intricately detailed the process of grieving, Chilombo finds her embracing her strength and power, and coming into her confidence as a woman, a creator and a healer. 

She has always embraced magic in her particular brand of soulful, trippy, ethereal R&B, but now she has taken it to another level.

For years, she has been studying the practice of sound healing. With Chilombo, she has incorporated crystal alchemy singing bowls on every track. This form of sound healing has been found to be both physically and mentally healing on the cellular level. 

She hopes to introduce her fans to sound as a form of healing through what she calls "modern mantra" as illustrated by the "triggered protection mantra."

Chilombo follows Trip, which debuted on the R&B chart at #1, and became one of the critically acclaimed releases of 2017, with a mix of up and downtempo tracks and a plethora of guest appearances from artists like Swae Lee, Big Sean, Kurupt, Dr Chill, Namiko Love, Mali Music and Brandy.

Trip is an album that just about anyone who’s ever lost a loved one can relate to, she says.

Trip, a masterwork more than a decade in the making, took listeners through the unique odyssey of love and loss, heartbreak and discovery that she endured over the previous decade. 

It was a tribute to the changes that rocked her life and career – the tragic loss of her brother to cancer in 2012, and her journey to try to manage her grief through relationships, substances and art. 

The album spun off a trio of top-selling hit singles through 2017-2018: Sativa featuring Rae Sremmurd, While We're Young, and Never Call Me, featuring Kurupt.

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