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Comms strategy needs improvement: Dr Fong


May 13, 2021 11:39:52 AM

Comms strategy needs improvement: Dr Fong Permanent Secretary for Health Dr James Fong admits the Ministry needs to improve its communication strategy.

Dr Fong while speaking in a press conference last night said he has been working with few other medical officials to map the way forward in terms of improving their strategy.

He said their priority every day is to respond to new cases of coronavirus and the process of communicating it to the people comes second.

He said he struggles a bit in the day where he has to respond to new cases and also work on mobilising resources for the responses.

“We have put together a plan of ways we need to improve our communication strategy and we have thought about it."

He said rather than rushing to meet an announcement deadline, they need to obtain and gather all of the information and announce the changes clearly to the public. 

“I know we don’t start these announcements at the same time every day but the nature of 24/7 testing means new developments can come about at a moment’s notice,” he said.

“We’ve considered setting a cut-off time for receiving new information and scheduling press conferences at a set time every day but coronavirus does not have a cut-off time.

“If that’s how we tried to manage things, we could end up confirming a new case late in the afternoon, but not announce it at that day’s press conference,” he said.

Dr Fong said the slightest possibility of a new case can spark rumours and misinformation quite quickly.

He said to stay ahead of the coconut wireless, they try very hard to keep Fijians informed of the latest developments as soon as they can with verified information.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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