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Masked men attack Opposition MP


May 04, 2021 02:59:01 PM

Masked men attack Opposition MP Two masked men armed with cane knives attacked Opposition Member of Parliament Aseri Radrodro and his wife at their home in Colo-i-Suva last night.

Wife Sainiana Radrodro in an interview said they were outside their home and had just finished feeding their dogs when two masked men armed with cane knives entered their compound.

She said they summed up quickly it was not a friendly visit as their faces were masked and his husband shouted for her to get in the house.

“I'm going to share this so people become aware of how bold these guys are becoming and what to expect from these assailants,” she said.

“We were outside the house when they came, we had just finished feeding our dogs and were trying to sort their sleeping area.

“They were pointing their knives at us, asking for us to sit in Fijian- "drau dabe". Aseri confronted the two men to ask why they wanted us to sit down."

"My husband shouted at me to get in the house, I did."

“By this time they got to the porch and Aseri got into the house and pushed the door close behind him. They pushed the door hard and started kicking it down.

“I could hear the knives slashing at the door, I ran for the axe and knife lying near our door where Aseri has always kept it,” she said.

Radrodro said this is not the first time for someone to invade their peace as the last time a peeping tom tried to open their daughter’s window when she was at home for semester break.

“He has been keeping the axe there as the last time someone had cut the fence at the back of the house and tried to open my daughter’s window,” she said.

“Aseri then slackened his push that was holding the door back and slowly unlocked the door. I could see their knives by then.

“He then swung the axe out, he got the two men running off,” she said.

Radrodro said by this time, she has managed to get hold of someone in the Army after her first call to the Colo-i-Suva Police Post wasn't answered.

“He got around to Valelevu Police, I then called the emergency number too. Police got home perhaps 15 minutes after but they were long gone,” she said.

She said the age of the intruders would be around 25 to 30.

Police spokesperson Savaira Tabua said they are carrying out an investigation after the couple lodged a formal police report.

Tabua confirmed the intruders did not steal any items from the couple's residence.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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