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Everything is under control: Bainimarama


Jun 11, 2021 11:11:39 PM

Everything is under control: Bainimarama Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has assured members of the public that the cases of coronavirus are under control despite the spike in cases in the past few days.

Bainimarama in an announcement tonight said cases are mostly occurring in known clusters, most of which are within lockdown areas.

He said the current outbreak of coronavirus is localised, on Viti Levu and centered in the Central Division.

“We have managed to keep the cases at much lower levels than they could have been, and we certainly have not had the kind of rampant spread that many countries experienced,” he said.

“The growing numbers of cases are not good news, by any means, but when we look into those numbers, we can understand that as long as we can find and contain the new cases.

“We can contain or slow the spread by quarantining people we suspect may be positive and isolating those who have tested positive already. 

“We now know more about coronavirus, the world’s fight against this virus has changed, and so must our strategy.

“We will get through this current ordeal by an intelligent and targeted application of measures to contain the spread until we get enough of us vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.

“We are looking at the long-term picture and are looking at the experience of other countries, and we believe that if we follow some sensible guidelines we can manage this virus,” he said.

He said the public can start preparing themselves for the day the borders re-open and the economy switches back into full gear as more vaccines are coming soon.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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