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Govt can’t pay frontliners: Sayed-Khaiyum


Jul 31, 2021 01:04:42 PM

Govt can’t pay frontliners: Sayed-Khaiyum The Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says government does not have the capacity to give frontline risk pay for the work they are doing.

Sayed-Khaiyum said at the moment the government does not have the capacity to be able to give anything more than what they are currently giving.

He said no is denying these front liners are not doing a good job in helping to contain the coronavirus cases in the country in the last few days.

“We have already approved those heads. So this is more like an afterthought, woken up this morning and decided to do this. Meal allowances are still being paid,” said Sayed-Khaiyum.

“These frontline workers, no one is denying that they are not doing a good job or that they are sacrificing a lot. At the moment, we do not have the capacity to give what we currently have.

“We have staff from other Ministries going around and doing public relations work in squatter areas. Some of them actually have caught coronavirus.

“We have people who have actually been involved in the food distribution programme. They are from other Ministries too, they have also caught coronavirus.

“We know some of them, a lot of them actually, so you know, you cannot just simply ring-fence it to just one or two heads. In fact, it is across government itself, so, I think it is a bit late now to do this,” he said.

He said the government may reward front liners in future if the economy picks up in the future.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka








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