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Release taxpayers money to USP: Prasad


Aug 20, 2021 01:10:18 PM

Release taxpayers money to USP: Prasad National Federation Party leader Biman Prasad has called on the government to release its grant to the University of the South Pacific as the money is not theirs but the taxpayers of Fiji.

Prasad said it is not the Attorney-General but the people of this country’s money that was being given as a grant to the University of the South Pacific.

He said it was illegal for the government to hold on to the University of the South Pacific grant as it has already been approved by the cabinet.

“It is not you attorney-general, it is the people of this country who pay for the university - the taxpayers of this country pay the university for their children,” he said.

“Cut this crap once and for all. Give the grants to the University of the South Pacific and let the council respect the members of the region and respect the decision-makers in that council.

“We lose out every day from you because you have the numbers. Do not use that ego of you not getting what you want because you wanted these people to behave in this manner.

 “When a Budget Bill is passed, it becomes law; it is a law that the grants should have been distributed to the University of the South Pacific.

“The government, the minister for economy and the minister for education you are breaching the law that Parliament passed,” he said.

He said he is proud of his wife achievements who the government continues to vilify in parliament due to the progress she has achieved while with the university in the last 20 years.

He said the recent report that was commissioned by the chairman of the council in the KPGM report found that all recent appointments including hers, was done properly.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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