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Provisional voter list dispatched


Sep 30, 2021 02:34:49 PM

Provisional voter list dispatched The provisional voter list for the next General Election has been dispatched to all political parties.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said the list have been provided to the parties on a USB.

Saneem in webinar with political parties said no political parties were charged for dissemination of the provisional voter list for the next general elections.

“The provisional voter list will be coming to you in a copy, which is on a USB, and we are not charging for the provisional voter list.

“The Electoral Commission chair Suresh Chandra has approved, that this is to be provided to the political parties, free of charge, and we are doing so.

“It will assist you in your preparations. If you have any amendments any recommendations, please feel free to send them to us, we're allocating until the 30th of November.

“Two months roughly 60 days for political parties to go through the voter list and come back to us if you have any comments, and any feedback.

“This will be the first round of consultation that we are doing directly with the political parties, so that the list that we use for the next general election is as accurate as possible,” he said.

He said political parties will be able to report if any of the voters from any of the locations  have died, only if they have verified this.

“The verification and confirmation of deaths will further help us to strengthen the data on the voter list,” he said.

He said by May 28 next year, the political parties and Fijian Elections Office will have accurate and credible voters list.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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