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Borrowing pushes Govt into more debt: Prasad


Oct 22, 2021 03:55:24 PM

Borrowing pushes Govt into more debt: Prasad National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad says the Government is further pushing the nation into financial doldrums with its borrowings.

Prof Prasad said the Government debt report released lately shows that Fiji has a combined debt of 97 per cent of gross domestic product.

He said the country’s debt will be 100 percent of the gross domestic product at the end of the current financial year by adding another $186 million to contingent liabilities.

“These won’t be the last of guarantees before the elections. Not to mention that more than $3.5 billion of Government debt is owed to Fiji National Provident Fund,” he said.

“Government has for the last 15 years treated Fiji National Provident Fund like a cash cow. Instead of protecting social security, it has eroded this core objective of the Fund.

“By drastically reducing pension, destroying tripartism on the Board by taking control of the Fund and has milked it dry.

“Now it is milking dry the citizens of Fiji, imposing upon every man, woman, child and those unborn, a debt of over $10,000 per Fijian. This is the painful legacy of the Fiji First Government.”

He said the increased guarantee before them had no consideration whatsoever for human resource - hundreds of workers terminated from their jobs without notice 17 months ago .

“It is a motion utilizing all the crockery, not to cook up a storm of a meal, but one that smells like a dead rat,” he said.

“This is, totally non-transparent, non-accountable, like a sugar flavoured drink or extremely sweet icing that only worsens illness and causes more pain and suffering.

“It is cooking, just like the unprecedented growth and Bainimarama Boom and when it fails to cook statistics, it terminates the employment of people who reveal the truth.

“This is the reality of the matter and the most recent victim of this treacherous zeal to cook anything and to make the two-men rule look good,” he said.

He said the plight of these workers, part of a long history of workforce of locals who built the airline and its reputation, were kicked into the gutter by expatriates running the airline.

He said the Government endorsed this action, claiming it was necessitated by coronavirus or an Act of God, which it got Parliament to legislate.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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