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Fire leaves 20 plus homeless


Oct 26, 2021 05:01:47 PM

Fire leaves 20 plus homeless Over 20 people in the western division have been left homeless after five separate fire incidents in the past four days.

National Fire Authority chief executive Sowane Puamau said it was sad to see over 20 people are now homeless and have lost their belongings in the fire during trying times like this.

Puamau said the current dry and windy weather conditions in the western division have been the major contributing factors for the quick spread of fire damage.

“The general public needs to realise this and start being very vigilant and careful with fire safety in their homes,” he said.

“We cannot depend on others to prevent our homes from fires, it is our individual business to look after our homes and prevent them from being destroyed by fire.

“Fire Safety is everyone’s responsibility and we cannot be complacent about fire safety as we approach the festive season, it is our responsibility as individuals to focus on fire safety.

“The increase in residential fire incidents indicates that people are being very careless are not taking fire safety seriously around their homes and properties,” Puamau said.

He said the general public need to avoid careless burning of rubbish and shrubs outside and in backyards.

“The current dry and windy weather conditions we are currently experiencing can aggravate the spread of small fires into major fires that can destroy homes and even lives”, he said.

“It is a very sad experience to see people lose their belongings, properties, farms and livestock especially during this difficult time currently faced by Fijians due to the pandemic.

“Many homeowners and neighbours try to attend to put out the fire by themselves and later call National Fire Authority when the fire becomes unmanageable,” he said.

Puamau said the National Fire Authority is carrying out its investigations into the five fire incidents to ascertain their causes.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka





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