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Govt has nothing to gloat about: Narube


Oct 17, 2021 09:47:19 AM

Govt has nothing to gloat about: Narube Unity Fiji Party Leader Savenaca Narube says the Government has nothing to gloat about in containing COVID-19 cases.

Narube said the people should not forget the decision of Government not to lock the country down early in the second wave which has cost many lives.

He in a statement said businesses will recover and jobs will come back but the lives are lost forever.

“The death rate from coronavirus per 100,000 population is only 0.5 in New Zealand. In Fiji, 85 people have died per 100,000 population, and that is an underestimation,” he said.

“This means that the death rate in Fiji is at least eight times those in Australia and 160 times that of New Zealand. There can only be one conclusion from these horrific numbers.

“The Fijian Government has failed miserably to protect our lives and this is unforgiveable. The country has come through the worst crisis ever in our life time.

“The suffering has been severe, life has been extremely difficult and the crisis is not over by a long shot,” he said.

He said the scars from the Government’s wrong decision will be with the people of Fiji for their entire lifetime.

 “Interestingly, we now see and hear the leader that was absent in our hour of greatest need. The absentee leader emerges to claim the credit when things are improving,” he said.

“Permanent Secretary for Health Dr James Fong, who has been facing the entire country alone with the bad news in the last six months, should announce the good news.

“Let us put the accountability of our deaths from this crisis squarely where it belongs, on this government. We owe it to the many lives that have been tragically lost.”

Meanwhile over 1190 coronavirus patients have died since the outbreak of the delta variant started in April this year with the youngest being a four-month-old.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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