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Need to upgrade voter card: Saneem


Oct 08, 2021 01:31:08 PM

Need to upgrade voter card: Saneem Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem says people need to upgrade their voter cards to ensure they are in the right polling venue during the 2022 general elections.

Saneem said the upgrading of voter cards guarantees the public that their name will be on the voter list at polling venues on the lections date.

He said the public will have valid reasons to raise concerns with the Fijian Elections Office if their names are missing from the voter list at the polling venue listed on their card.

 “If you do not update your details, you might not turn up at the right polling venue during the 2022 general elections,” he said.

“The blue voter card has information on where you going to vote during the upcoming general elections. Upgrading of cards guarantees the public that their name will be on the voter list.

“We had received complaints from the last general elections that some people’s names were missing from the voter's list at the polling venue they went to.

“To ensure that this mistake does not repeat itself, we have included details of your polling venue in your voter card,” he said.

He on the same breath said on election day, a person will be able to vote, provided they turn up to the right polling station with any identification card or without it.

“If you turn up at polling station with an identification card, the presiding officer will ask you some questions to verify if you are the same person as you claim to be,” he said.

“Your photos will be on the voter list anyway, so we will use your photo to verify you once again and if matches we will allow you to vote.

“The voter card is a transaction receipt that you get at the end of the process to confirm you are a registered voter in Fiji.

“For the purpose of voting that is the primary identification card, all the details on your card need to matches your information on the voter's list.

“If you do not have your card on the date of elections, your right to vote is still maintained provided that you turned up at the right polling stations.

“All the voters will need to upgrade their card. The deadline for the green card has expired as we had announced its expiry date in 2019,” Saneem said.

He said the voter list is the document that provides individual access to vote and this is a guarantee if any individual upgrade their card to a green one.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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