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Teachers in Suva for no good reason: Kumar


Oct 14, 2021 11:31:19 AM

Teachers in Suva for no good reason: Kumar Minister for Education Premila Kumar has said that some teachers are in Suva for no good reason.

Kumar said the ministry will be issuing directives to some teachers from the west refusing to return to their schools for no good reasons.

She said the Permanent Secretary for Education Anjleen Jokhan is having dialogues with the health ministry to make arrangements for teachers to move back to their respective schools.

“You will surprise to note that there are some teachers who are also in the central division and have not moved to the western division for no good reason,” she said.

“We are giving them directives for teachers to the western divisions to move to their schools. Some teachers are moving to the outer islands.

“Over 30 years 12 and 13 teachers from the northern division have been stranded in Viti Levu. These teachers need to return before school for year 12 and 13 resumes on November 1.

“These teachers are now prepared to return to their destination to do home quarantine which is a requirement by the health ministry before the opening of the schools,” she said.

She said the school term for years 12 and 13 is from November 1 to January 28 while the Christmas and New Year break will be from December 23 to January 3.

“This timing given is based on the assumption that there will be no cyclones given that senior secondary school students will resume classes during our cyclone season.

“We will make the necessary adjustments to the proposed school terms for years 12 and 13 if we get hit by another cyclone or any climate change,” she said.

She said examinations for years 12 and 13 are expected to start on January 17 which will be over two weeks and the result is expected to be out by mid-March.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka






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