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Govt is in the pocket of the rich: Leawere


Nov 30, 2021 03:46:36 PM

Opposition Parliamentarian Mikaele Leawere today claimed in Parliament that the Government is in the pocket of the rich and is dictated by corporate interests.
While debating on the President's speech, Leawere said he will not plead to FijiFirst Government to review labour reforms and education system but rather expose bad governance, the broken trail of promises and ask the people of Fiji to deliver a protest vote against them next year.
"Not to plead for the review of the labour reforms which has not happened and will never happen as FijiFirst is in power. Contempt for worker rights, trade unions and right to strike and freedom of expression is not hidden and skins you to the bone the kind of democracy being preached and the kind of democracy this Government."
"Will not call for an immediate review of the national minimum wage rate because we all know this government is in the pocket of the rich and is dictated by corporate interests."
This Government wants our people to be caught struggling for their daily needs so they can govern without being questioned leaving them helpless with minimum or nil bargaining power."
"Will not ask for a national education commission or raise the problems of our teachers suffering in silence, now some without pay and dreading to be put out of jobs because we know FijiFirst does not really care what happens to our teachers and civil servants as these are the catalysts to shaping the lives of our youths and future leaders."
"FijiFirst no longer deserve to be in Government. Their prolonged stay in power and unilateral decisions are destroying Fiji faster than cancer. The cancerous cells in our body politic simply needs to be weeded out by the ballot and replaced by a healthy and caring Government.”
"One of the many promises made by this Government was to import fossil fuel, refine the same and sell it at a controlled price to local petroleum companies through a state owned enterprise. Seven years down the lane, nothing has happened in that regard and fuel prices are skyrocketing today.”
"Then what happened to the free water and electricity or free medical scheme. The truth is people are asked to buy generators for electricity, water tanks and given the regular power outage and water cuts our rural communities suffer in silence. Hospitals, health centers and nursing stations have run out of basic medicines forcing people to pay an exorbitant price to heal themselves or suffer and die. Is this the legacy worth of any celebration? Definitely not but these features are high on the FijiFirst scorecard," Leawere said.
He further claimed that Fiji spends half a billion dollars on roads yet potholes, dust, pathetic road conditions and defective works are a staple feature in Fiji while 200 bridges around need urgent repair.
By Romeka Romena 

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