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50k tourism workers are still without a job


Dec 06, 2021 04:23:07 PM

50k tourism workers are still without a job Tourism Fiji chief executive Brent Hill has confirmed that approximately 50,000 former resort and hotel employees are still without a job.

Hill said over 100,000 staff have returned to work since borders opened last Wednesday with tourists pouring into the country after almost 20 months.

He said some workers will still be unemployed as the resorts and hotels they used to work for are still not open.

“I receive messages on my social media pages from people saying that there are some people still unemployed despite resorts opening to tourists again,” he said.

“I get asked a lot by locals if there are vacancies in resorts and hotels on my social media page. I would like to reassure these people that they will get their jobs back.

“We are 65 percent open while the other percentage is yet to open. Some hotels and resorts are still yet to open as some may still doing renovation work.

“Plus we still have a lot of markets yet to come. I think the more we open to other markets, the more people that will get their jobs back,” he said.

Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association chief executive Fantasha Lockington said some people no longer want to work for the tourism sector as they were forced to look for alternative jobs.

“When you were forced to look for an alternative job, maybe there was a need to review where you were living and where you children go to school,” Lockington said.

“For some they are questioning whether they should uproot everything and go start back to where they were before the coronavirus pandemic.

“Apart from finding alternative jobs, some had to self-employed and these people may have found out how liberating it is to be your own boss.

“If they have managed their new business well then it will be highly unlikely for them to return to their job or work for somebody.

“The third issue is that there are number of people in the tourism sector that does not want to be vaccinated against coronavirus,” she said.

She said there’s a huge demand for chefs, kitchen hands, divers and general contractors in the tourism sectors.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka









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