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Disloyal members have resigned: Gavoka


Jan 25, 2022 02:58:29 PM

Disloyal members have resigned: Gavoka Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) Leader Viliame Gavoka has confirmed that members that were allegedly working for other political parties and were being investigated have resigned.

Gavoka said disloyal members are quitting the Party on their own accord and they will be punished by the people during the upcoming election. 

He in an interview with FijiLive said the disloyal members are removing themselves and this not being done by party executives.

 “We thought we had political maturity, in that the competition for leadership would be robust, and once the party leader was elected, everyone would unite as one,” he said.

“We were very disappointed that a faction went and formed another party, which was in bad faith and we believe they will be punished in the elections by the voters."

“The party is operating comfortably with the resources it has and building up its resources to campaign for the elections,” he said.

He said the Social Democratic Liberal Party could have won the 2018 general election if he was leading them then.

“Quite simply, if I had been Party Leader in 2018, SODELPA would have won the elections and formed Government,” he said.

“The Social Democratic Liberal Party executives back then were spending too much time defending Rabuka and his baggage and little time on campaigning.

“We did not even have a media campaign which was unbelievable with Social Democratic Liberal Party being the second biggest party in Fiji.

“He brags about his 77,000 votes, but those were Social Democratic Liberal Party votes he took by campaigning against his own team in their constituencies,” he said.

He said SODELPA is well prepared for the upcoming general elections and quite confident about their chances.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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