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Govind Park unfit for public: Kumar


May 14, 2022 03:18:55 PM

Govind Park unfit for public: Kumar An assessment carried out by government reveals that the steel and timber pavilion structures at Govind Park in Ba were in poor condition and were not able to hold sports spectators.

Minister for Local Government Premila Kumar said the report further provided that the pavilions are to be prohibited from any usage or public seating.

Kumar said that based on the Report, Ba Town Council had no other option but to consult the ministry to assist in the advertisement for a public tender to reconstruct Govind Park.

“Govind Park is well known to many soccer fans locally and internationally. It has hosted many soccer events catering to more than 13,000 spectators,” she said.

“Unfortunately, the strong winds of Tropical Cyclone Winston in February 2016 did not spare the 40-year-old pavilion. The two pavilions sustained substantial damage.

 “The strong winds tore apart the pavilion structures and the roof. Ba Town Council engaged a consultant to carry out a preliminary assessment of the pavilions.

“Damage assessment report revealed that the steel and timber pavilion structures were in a very poor condition and it will not be able to hold spectators during a sports event.

“The report stated that the pavilions are to be prohibited from any usage or public seating. In 2018, Ba Town Council signed a contract with the contractor to carry out the redevelopment.

“It is worth noting that from the years 2016 to 2020, the Government has invested approximately $4.9 million towards this project,” she said.

She said the funding has been used to pay for the assessment report, demolition of the two existing pavilions, rebuilding of the fence and the construction of the new pavilion

“The pavilion structure has been completed in accordance with the scope of work. The specifics include a 9,000 seating capacity pavilion, two restrooms and four change rooms,” she said.

“It also has one conference room, two dormitories, a corporate box, two media rooms and two kiosk outlets.

“Coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on the project completion. Due to the restriction for the safety of Fijians and to contain the spread of the virus, the construction work was stopped.

“There are some works that remain pending and must be completed to get the stadium ready for local and international sporting events,” she said.

Kumat said the park is expected to reopen next year.

By Nacanieli Tuilevuka


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