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We'll form a two-party Govt: Rabuka


Jun 26, 2022 05:56:57 PM

We'll form a two-party Govt: Rabuka People's Alliance Party Leader and former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka says if elected to run the country after the 2022 General Election, he will form a two-party Government with the National Federation Party.

Rabuka, who is currently on a tour of New Zealand to meet supporters and campaign for the party told Radio New Zealand that  the elected Prime Minister will be free to pick his Ministers from both parties and the best qualified will be picked.

When asked by Radio NZ's Pacific's senior journalist Koroi Hawkins about  some non-indigenous Fijian voters who are unsure what the future would look like under him as the Prime Minister, the 73-year-old seasoned politician said:"Well, it is like you see the cover of the book and now you are reading the book. I have a dream of what the Pope [John Paul II] saw when he came to Fiji; the way the world should be, a multiracial, vibrant society, where everybody is welcome, where everybody is contributing, everybody is going by their own thing and even unknowingly contributing to a very vibrant economy that will grow and grow and grow so that we are equal partners in the region with Australia, New Zealand, and a very significant part of the global economy."

Speaking about the People's Alliance chances in the upcoming election, Rabuka said he is confident because there is a universal cry in Fiji for change.

"The people are looking for their best options on who is to bring the change, what sort of combinations, who are the people behind the brand, people with records in the private sector, also in politics and in the public sector, people who are who are determined to stay on Fiji and do what needs to be done."

"There are so many overseas now who love Fiji so much. So many other people who could have been there in Fiji with us running the campaign in order to create a better Fiji, who are overseas. They have not been able to come freely back and with those in mind, we are determined to be the change and bring the change," he added.

By Reginald Chandar


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