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Budget, a product of deceptive Govt: NFP


Jul 26, 2022 04:59:56 PM

Budget, a product of deceptive Govt: NFP The 2022-23 National Budget is a product of an arrogant, out of touch and deceptive Government, says National Federation Party President Pio Tikoduadua.

Tikoduadua while contributing to the Budget debate in Parliament said it is fortunate that people can differentiate between truth and lies.

He said the reason for this is due to the lies carried by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama during the Ba Provincial Council meeting recently.

"This is possibly the last budget to be brought to Parliament by the FijiFirst Government before the elections.

“Ba Provincial Council Meeting six days ago, the address was all about the budget, and featured lies and thoroughly incorrect statements deliberately designed to hoodwink delegates at that meeting. “
“No prizes for guessing why as the saying goes, it's the full moon season, election campaign mode and many, especially in the Government will tell the people that even the pigs can fly or they themselves can walk on water.”
“Fortunately our people are able to differentiate truth and lie. And this is precisely what's happening despite the PM’s grave dislike for the proof. And the same goes for his right hand men and the de facto Prime Minister, the Attorney General and Economy Minister.”
“Sometimes I wonder who is claiming to whom.”
“The reality of the matter is that the Prime Minister regurgitated the budget and it was addressed to the Ba Provincial Council. Just as this unaccountable Fiji Government has been regurgitating promises in their pre-budget without uttering an eyelid, obviously thinking Fijians are fools and blinded by freebies.”
“They are certainly not. They know that it is not a dose of medicine with repeat labels on them to cure the sickness far from it.”
“Now, people want a genuine reduction of the cost of living to be able to purchase quality, basic and essential items at affordable prices to timely, efficient, equipped and effective public health and medical delivery with fully functional diagnostics, surgical treatment and aftercare services.”
“Free quality education where no student is discriminated, and teachers impart knowledge and then still legally allowed discipline without fear of discrimination or fear of job losses.”
By Romeka Romena  

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