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Budget hasn't left anyone behind: Dr Reddy


Jul 26, 2022 07:05:54 PM

The 2022-23 National Budget is very comprehensive, responsible, prudent and well thought out and has not left anyone behind, says Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy.
Dr Reddy while commending the Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said  he and his team have provided Fijians with a past sighted and trustful way to recovery, growth and development budget that will not only protect our households, the Youth and Students, the vulnerable, but also stimulate private sector activity, empower women and youth and create green growth that will maintain Fiji's macroeconomic physical stability sustainable.
"The budget was developed with extensive consultation with different sections of the community."
"Unfortunately, someone on the other side can't see that the budget process to be inclusive should be to revote on the people. Instead, they labelled it as an electioneering process."
"It reflects flexibility and leadership power. Prime Minister and his commitment to ensure that we all grow together and therefore any budget but reflect the concerns and aspirations of all the people in the urban area, Peri urban, deep rooted maritime areas, that they are not forgotten."
"The young students. Their dreams are not affected and elderly welfares are not affected by adverse economic situation."
"We can indeed say that this budget has not left anyone behind running one of the most difficult times in the history of this country."
Dr Reddy further highlighted that members of the opposition tried to throw the Government under the bus and they are doing the same by labelling the budget an ‘Election Budget’ without any merit.
Unfortunately, those on the opposition bench who spoke yesterday, continue to name call this budget without any merit. They are hell bent in misleading the public that this budget is not the best and therefore they must not vote for this Government.”
“They failed miserably to inform the people what's the alternative plan? Alternative the budget? The only correct thing they said yesterday was that our people are indeed smart. They know the truth.”
“And they fully understand how our Government protected the welfare during the COVID 19 crisis against their cause for complete shutdown of the country.”
“Instead of supporting our cause for vaccination, some the likes of honourable Bulanauca campaigned against instead of protecting our national carrier, which was the only agriculture career was produced out of the country.”
“They wanted to throw it under the bus. God knows what the situation and state of affairs we would have been if they been leading the Government.”
"It was the decisive leadership by Prime Minister that we are now operating in a near normal state. This leadership of this government will go down the history books."
"Our grandchildren read about this pandemic realize how our Government is resources to minimize fatalities and protect people's welfare throughout Fiji."
By Romeka Romena  

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