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FEO launches online platform for media


Jul 01, 2022 04:18:48 PM

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem today launched an online platform- eVuli for members of the media who will be covering the upcoming 2022 General Election.
While launching the platform, Saneem said the main rationale for conducting such training for members of the media is that the general election is an activity that happens once every four years in the case of Fiji and  journalists do not undergo this type of training as a normal routine activity under their jobs.
"But this is a special event and hence, the Fijian Elections Office has always ensured that we provide you with the latest information, the most current information, and the most relevant information when it comes to election reporting."
"Previously, in the 2014 and 2018 General Elections, the Fijian Elections Office conducted this training through face-to-face attendance."
"We used to invite experts from overseas and on the last two occasions, the IFUS had conducted this training for the media."
"Do not be dismayed this time around as the training materials are yet again developed with the assistance of IFuS, but it will be delivered on the eVuli platform.
Saneem further said in the last election, FEO had a three-day workshop delivered face-to-face which was attended by up to 40 persons in the media.
"We noticed that during the second and third day of this workshop, a lot of the members of the media did not turn up."
"This is why we decided that this training will be provided to the members of the media so that you can attend and build capacity at your own pace and your own time."
"That eVuli platform will require you to register and provide your details and you will get your own logins and you can continue to go through this course at your own pace."
"Our eVuli platform is also available to any person who wishes to undertake training for the media."
"Instead of limiting the training to 40 people in a conference room, the training is now available to students who are studying to be journalists, high school students who are aspiring to be journalists, or even to any members of the public who have an interest in the manner in which elections are reported and to understand the basics around election." 
"In designing the training IFUS has ensured that we provide the members of the media in Fiji, particularly with the latest information regarding developments in international best practices and elections."
"This development occurs due to elections conducted in other parts of the world and experiences of the members of the media then together with experts who continue to develop the media, media performance media guidelines and as well as media capacity."
"We have for your information and convenience published the guidelines accepted by major media organizations worldwide and internationally acclaimed."
The journalists have created some charters and codes of conduct for journalists, which are yet to be particularly thrashed out in Fiji and that is to assist the members of the media in their role," he explained. 
By Romeka Romena 

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