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Govt can't face community bodies: NFP


Jul 26, 2022 09:44:48 AM

National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad claims that the Government cannot face the welfare organisations and community bodies that support the poorest people in Fiji.
While debating on the National Budget in Parliamentm Prof Prasad said in two years between 2021, the country received about more than $1.5 billion in remittances.
"First quarter of this year, we received remittances of more than $300 million. That helped many families and friends and others who needed it in this country.”
“The Honorable Minister stands in Parliament and says get cash through them. I mean, that's all we can say?”
“Because these are the people that this government cannot look in the face. The Government cannot face the welfare organizations and community bodies that support our poorest people. They just want to say okay, we're gonna give you some cash through the app and pretend that there is no poverty.”
“In fact, some of them said that there is really no poverty in this country. We will know what happened in the past. We remember that $10s of millions of dollars spent on health homes.”
“And I remember raising this in Parliament after Cyclone Lister. Was there Boom, yes. For many of the hardware companies, it was a boom.”
“We remember when the Government let people access the FNPF funds for floods and cyclones even in towns and cities where there was no damage.”
He also said that the Government just borrows money and spends it any way they want despite not increasing the minimum wage rate to help the economy grow.
“And we know what happened but this has always been the way that this Government just borrows money, doesn't matter how you spend it, just spending.”
“And we can see even the Prime Minister goes to all provincial councils and the only thing he says is how much we spend in this province.”
“He is not solving the real problem, which is that incomes must rise. Prices are not going to go down. People must earn more that will only happen when the economy grows.”
By Romeka Romena  

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