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Our political opponents are an insult: PM


Jul 25, 2022 03:56:06 PM

Our political opponents are an insult: PM Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says all of the Government's political opponents are an insult as the opposition had 10 days to provide any credible alternative policies but nothing has been heard from them apart from the schoolyard tantrums.

Bainimarama while contributing to the debate on the 2022-23 National Budget in Parliament today, said opponents cry in public like a pack of wolves but behind closed doors, they are more like a flock of timid sheep searching in vain for a shepherd or maybe even a sheepdog.

“Anyone who knows anything about economic statecraft, and has the courage to propose strategies that will lead them under the confusion and stepper in a safe political middle.”

Bainimarama confidently said that leaders don't lie; leaders solve problems and create solutions.

“Biman Prasad and his new bed mate Rabuka only know how to paint the worst possible picture of the country through conjecture, pessimism and fabricated theories.”
“They don’t speak the truth and that is the truth.”
“I still wonder what our opponents hope to accomplish by these attacks? Not for themselves? Because we know the answer to that. But for the people of Fiji what kind of economy would they envision in these troubled times? And what difficult choices do they summon the courage to make? We don't know because they don't propose. They just wait and criticize and say no.”
“I trust the people to tell the difference. Trust the people to tell the difference between those working to set them and those who could not even be bothered to present them with an alternative budget.”
“Those who couldn't even bother to complete their terms in Parliament and those who cannot be bothered to tell the truth to the public.”
“Like the missing Biman Prasad.”
He further said it took National Federation party Leader Biman Prasad a matter of days after the budget to begin lying to our cane growers.
“Despite the ages we would pay the $25 per tonne Prasad said we won't be paying the guaranteed price.”
“That is an outright falsehood outgrows we'll get the full $85 per promise.  I'm seriously concerned that Biman Prasad doesn't understand the most basic premise of our support group program for cane growers.”
“Government funds top up the world market prices for sugar. That means when the market price goes lower, we step in to cover the difference to grant our growers certainty. And when the world prices rise, we don't have to spend as much. Absolutely the world price of sugar is rising.”
“So Government doesn't have to subsidise as large of a difference as he did in previous years to reach the $85 price floor. The budget allocation reflects that if the professor can comprehend basic maths, he should go back to school.”
“He should go speak with his old colleague, Dr. Roop Singh, who has clearly stated that debt levels are sustainable by the way. That's real analysis, from a real professor who still believes in objective truth who has not  sacrificed his academic credentials on the altar of political ambition,” Bainimarama added.
By Romeka Romena  

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