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Outstanding Budget, says Nand


Jul 26, 2022 02:31:06 PM

Government MP Joseph Nand says the 2022-23 National Budget is outstanding and it reflects the voice of Fijians.
While contributing to the budget debate in Parliament today, Nand said the budget is a classical example of what the FijiFirst Government believes ‘putting people first.’
“The 2022/ 2023 National Budget has been described as one of the outstanding budget which is fit for its purpose and meets the expectations of every Fijians. To me, it has not come as a surprise because the Fiji First Government is known to deliver what is best for Fijians as we are known for this.”
“While many critics tried all their best before the budget and kept throwing its cards on the table to manipulate people that the 2022/ 2023 budget will have nothing for Fijians, the same were seen leaking their wounds and found in the corners with their tails between their legs.”
“Those that did try to make some attempt to deride the budget but it was to no avail because Fijians found a sigh of relief with this budget in the midst of inflating prices of food items and fuels which again is not faced by Fiji alone but other nations around the world as well.”
“It was very evident that this budget reflected Fijians voice which were raised during public consultations conducted by Minister for Economy by himself. This budget was not designed by sitting in the room with papers, computers and calculators.”
Nand further said the budget is driven by what Fijians need, passion to further strengthen Fijian economy recovery after being hit by COVID pandemic and determination to support every Fijian in their daily living.
“Soon after the budget I met a group of Fijians in Nadroga who were cutting cane and shared with me their feelings on how the budget has the components which will positively impact their family life and they mentioned about the Inflation Mitigation Package, transport subsidy and guaranteed sugar price.”
“They were happy and they have extended their sincere gratitude to the Hon. Prime Minister for his great leadership.”
By Romeka Romena  

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