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People decide elections, says Bainimarama


Jul 25, 2022 03:40:45 PM

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says elections are decided by the people and answered to the people.
Bainimarama while contributing to the debate on the 2022-23 National Budget in Parliament today, said: "Our game plan is the budget we put before the people when we consider the totality of the pandemic, the strength of our recovery, and the stability and certainty that our people and businesses need at this time.”
“I believe this is the most important budget that we have ever presented to this Parliament.”
 “So when my political opponents called this an election budget, they really mean it is a people's budget.”
“So is every budget that we have passed before it because we don't work towards an election.”
“We work for the people. When you serve the people, the people support you. It is not complicated.”
He also mentioned that the opposition saying that ‘Government’s support to people is freebies’ is a shame response because it exposes the opposition's financial stability.
“They say our support and service to the people is freebies.”
“In one single word they expose their own intellectual bankruptcy, because a response like that is designed to cut off discussion and not engage it.”
“I ask what they would prefer- should we force the most vulnerable Fijians to pay the full price of Russia’s war. Should we demand the Fijians to front the full cost of rising bus fare? Should we abandon those who need their government most? Only a politician seated in the comfort of an office would ever dare to call social support a freebie.”
He added that the Government is not holding a buy one get one free sale on 10 new television sets.
“We are providing security for those most vulnerable in society. Mothers don't call money they can spend buying food for the children a freebie.”
“No one calls free medicine, they need to survive as a freebie. No one calls the free education they can provide for the children a freebie. No one calls the road they rely on to travel to the job onto the market a freebie.”
“Our people need the support and our opponents are too blinded by political ambition to see.”
“In fact, I think that it has become bitter and twisted.”
“Let me remind them, especially NFP, bitter and twisted their personalization of politics and the economy could not be more different from our super visionary and rational decision making.”
“It is the difference between tweeting and leading. There is a difference between policy making and power seeking. I've been to communities, I've spoken with the people. I know the difference. This assistance makes for families, for children and for those most vulnerable,” he added.
By Romeka Romena  

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