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Relentless attacks on Opposition: Prasad


Jul 26, 2022 09:16:36 AM

National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad says the Government continued its relentless boasting and political attacks on the opposition during the 2022-23 National Budget address in Parliament.
Professor Prasad said that a Finance Minister's job is to inform the people on the issue surrounding the economy and deliver factual information rather than boasting about the Government.
He further said the Minister for Economy is paid to deliver the annual budget without engaging nasty political agenda.
“All of us in Fiji shade because we know that the honourable Economy Minister has now delivered his Fiji First Government's last budget.”
“This year's budget took two and a half hours and of course we had the usual endless boasting, grandstanding and politicking.”
“And I see that that has been followed quite religiously by members on the other side and I can feel the full sense of exuberance on the part of some of them in their zeal to support the two leaders of cause engage in nasty personal attacks as well.
“When an economy minister or finance minister stands before Parliament to talk about the budget their job is to deliver the facts. It is their job to tell the people what they need to know without hype and propaganda.”
“And this is what they are required to do. This is what they are paid for. People need an honest appraisal of our economy and the issues we face.”
“Instead, what we get from the other side is relentless boasting and political attacks.”
“A good forecast relevant budget speech can be finished in an hour.”
“So let me say to the people of Fiji, let's look forward to the next budget speech delivered by a New Economy Minister, the first thing that the new minister will know when it is time to stop talking and sit down,” he added.
By Romeka Romena 

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