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We have a pocket sized sugar industry: Prasad


Jul 26, 2022 10:02:48 AM

National Federation Party Leader Professor Biman Prasad claims the sugar industry in Fiji has become pocket sized.
Professor Prasad questioned the Government why the funding for the sugar industry was reduced from $83 to $45 million in the 2022-23 National budget addressed in Parliament.  
 “The Prime Minister talked about the sugar industry. And we have already publicly asked the Government why you have cut the funding for the sugar industry from $83 million to $45 million.”
“You have put only $8 million into the sugar stabilization fund. So where is the money for the budget for the 2022 season guarantee sugarcane price, they are saying we expect the world sugar price to go up.”
“But they're not saying that there is no allocation in fact. The biggest budget and largest decrease in any ministry in this budget is for the sugar industry. It was reduced by 46%. And the Prime Minister under his leadership, we now today have a pocket size industry.”
He further claimed that Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has lied to the people of this country after the 2006 Military Coup.
“And this warning the Prime Minister ticked me and said leaders must not lie. The Prime Minister, the must look in himself into the mirror. And remember, yes, I agree leaders must not lie. He should go back and realize that the biggest lie that the people of this country were told by him when he did the coup and formed a military interim government in 2007.”
“And he said no one from that interim Government will ever contest the election and look what they did today. “
“They lied. They made the constitution. They made the laws.”
“They're still doing that to remain in power. That's what he should talk about. That's what you talk about. That's what he did. So before, before he says that I'm lying. This is the fact about the sugar industry.”
By Romeka Romena 

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