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FEO launches new results app


Aug 18, 2022 03:37:13 PM

The Fijian Elections Office has developed a new results app for the upcoming 2022 General Election.
Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said in aligning ourselves to international guidelines, the FEO 2018 developed the results app in hubs so that voters and the public could get election results in real-time.
“Results are the most looked forward to the part of an election. So the acceptance of the results is the hallmark of a free, fair and general election. The results need to accurately reflect how people have voted, and it is so imperative.”
“Therefore, the Fijian Elections Office started this responsibility by releasing results expeditiously and transparently. “
“In 2018, the app recorded 65,490 plus downloads on the Android platform and about 11,000 downloads on iOS. We have now revamped the app and the new version has been released today.”
Saneem said the app has been made more user-friendly by giving people access to data and information through the app which will make life easier during the anxiety of the election.
“If a party deserves to see the total number of votes that each party has received, you can then keep getting it going further back by knowing the results as they got by division, the percentages with which they have got-that’s in the newly revamped app.”
“People will also be able to see the difference in the votes from the last update to this update. You can also see results from individual candidates. The app will show the number of votes that they received, the percentage of votes that the candidate has received from the party total, and the difference from the previous update which is a new feature.”
“Can also view the divisional breakdown of the votes received by the candidates as well as the number of votes that has now changed in the division also.”
“Also view results by polling venue, meaning you can look for an individual quality venue that you may be interested in Fiji and you can see the results by candidate stations inside the Senate. “
“We have given you results in the palm of your hands that you can now use at your own convenience. The results app was a new feature in 2018 but it's now a fixture of the election going forward.”
The app can be downloaded from the Google platform or Apple's App Store.
By Romeka Romena 

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