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FLP refutes FMIC survey results


Aug 05, 2022 03:38:01 PM

FLP refutes FMIC survey results The Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry claims the Fiji Multiple Indicator Cluster (FMIC) Survey is a pre-election gimmick of the Fiji First Government.

This is after the FMIC survey which was held jointly by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Health with technical support from UNICEF on Wednesday revealed that 90% of participants were happy or very happy.
Chaudhry in a statement has questioned the credibility of the FMIC Survey.  
"Categorised as the Fiji Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, it was conducted in 2021 when Fiji was going through its worst social and economic crisis caused by the COVID pandemic and the closure of our international borders."
"This was a time of high unemployment, severe suffering with thousands of families struggling to have at least one decent meal a day, some going to bed hungry. Two category five cyclones that hit Vanua Levu in late 2020/21 had left a swathe of destruction to homes and crops across the island."
Chaudhry said under the current circumstances, it is extremely difficult to believe that 90% of those polled claimed they were happy.
"Even today when we go around the hustings, people everywhere are complaining of acute hardship, inability to cope faced with escalating costs of living while wages remain subdued."
"Of those surveyed, 75% had also claimed their lives had improved in the past year and 92% expected it to get even better the following year."
"I am afraid I find the findings of this survey difficult to accept. It contradicts the hard realities on the ground as we encounter it almost every day."
He added in the lead-up to the 2022 General Elections, more such misleading ‘surveys’ and controversial data from the Government are trying to portray that all is well with the country and that the people are happy. 
"No reasonable person would fall for this kind of pre-election gimmick from the government knowing the real situation in the country. Institutions such as the Bureau of Statistics and UNICEF are supposed to be independent."     
"The survey provides a false picture of the state of our nation. Already, the Permanent Secretary for Economy Shiri Gounder is using it to claim: "So Fiji is a happy country…and we are also a very positive country."
Romeka Romena  

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