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More conducive business environment: AG


Aug 06, 2022 12:49:02 PM

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the Government has made the business environment more conducive in the country.
Sayed-Khaiyum while launching the 2022 Prime Minister’s International Business Awards in Suva on Friday said the Government has made it easier to do business in Fiji which has also attracted a lot of international attractors.
"It's also about businesses that invest in the tools to take a very expensive approach and I think that's essentially indicative of how inefficient Fiji has also metamorphosize into a more responsive organization less bureaucratic that we have over the past number of years removed the laws."
"The requirements for certification has been done away with we've been working with the ADB and the World Bank and British organizations to make the environment more conducive for business."
"Simplify the taxation system, we rejected corporate tax rates, and as the minister also highlighted to create a digital teaching, we are in this year's budget for example, we dedicated $9 million to ensure that within the next 18 months, you'll be able to get your permits, online, construction permits etc."
"One window education. They send you a bit of money that is set within a few months a lot more easier. Because we have to be able to distinguish ourselves. We have benchmark ourselves and people have sort of made snide comments about benchmarking themselves."
He said it became critical for Fiji to be able to set benchmarkmark as we needed to set a very high standard.
"I remember two years ago I went to visit the company's office in Singapore. Now remember back in 2007, it took about a year to reach the company or six months or nine months. And when we visited the Singaporean company's office, they were very troubled by the fact that it took too long to reach the company in Singapore."
"And I said,'' How long does it take? The company said 15 minutes. We needed to reduce it to three minutes only then it became a lot more responsive to businesses. So we are looking at those types of benchmarks."
He added the challenge for us in Fiji was to attract businesses despite the fact that we have a very small population.
"So how can we distinguish?"
"That is critically important. We have a fantastic brand and whenever you mentioned Fiji, it conjures up very positive images, people tend to smile we will tend to think very positive things you think pristine, clean, friendliness, happiness so how do we capture that? And that must translate the brand was translating to also our business processes and business environment."
"And that's where what we are where we are coming from. We must be we must be able to notwithstanding the fact that they are 14 cycles in 2016 be able to tell businesses both Fijian businesses and foreign businesses that we have redundancies."
“But that's essentially where we are coming from. In the same way Investment Fiji now also provides its services. Not only to foreign companies or foreign investors, but also Fijian businesses, and there's no threshold whatsoever, so they can do the hand holding for them.”
By Romeka Romena   

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