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New facility for Savusavu hotspring


Aug 04, 2022 04:25:15 PM

Minister for Housing and Community Development Premila Kumar officially opened the $75k facility at the Savusavu hot spring today.
Kumar said the project is completed through the ongoing collaboration between the Ministry of Local Government, Commonwealth Local Government Forum and Savusavu town council with other partners such as the Chamber of Commerce Tourism Association, and the blue town committee members.
She said the main objective of the project was to further develop the hot springs so they would be better utilised by the people of Savusavu.
"The Nakama hot springs for decades served as the natural kitchen where people prepared the food. We want to maintain the power of our history while creating the opportunity for Fijians to sell the dishes."
"Savusavu hot springs also act as anchor traction for both local and international visitors. And like every other landmark, our role as Government and as citizens is to maintain them."
"With the upgrades, visitors to the hot springs now have a place to sit and relax as described by the chair of the Chamber of Commerce."
"Part of preserving this landmark is keeping its story alive and keeping that story alive. There is an information structure that is placed there. Which one can read and understand exactly how geothermal is formed and its usage, etc."
She added that this attraction will go a long way in contributing to the local economy in Savusavu.
"I'd like to thank the Commonwealth Local Government forum for providing the financial support towards this project."
"The forum funded the project under its local economic development program, known as LED. This project is made possible through an ongoing partnership between the Ministry of Local Government and CLGF the financial value of this project is $75,000, of which CLGF has contributed around $60,000.
And $15,000 came from Savusavu town council. Now we need such partnership and coordination to enhance the image of our cities and towns."
"One of the major environmental projects that the council completed in conjunction with Fiji's fruit and agroforestry Expo 2022 was the planting of 150 different varieties of trees along Savusavu foreshore area."
"This was under the project entitled, greener the blue town. We need our cities and towns to be sustainable, resilient, and climate-proof which is part of this Government's vision of a sustainable future."
"And this will encourage the economic development or economic growth of those particular areas," she said.  
By Romeka Romena  

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