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New health centre and practitioner in Naitasiri


Aug 05, 2022 11:16:40 AM

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services has opened a newly established health centre and appointed a new Nursing Practitioner in Naboubuco village in the interior of Naitasiri this week.
Minister for Health Dr Ifereimi Waqainabete urged villagers to make use of their Nursing Practitioners Junior Khan, especially in newly established health centres.
Dr Waqainabete said in the past the assignment of a Nursing Practitioner to a locality was based on the population count of a particular community.
However, since the inception of this Government, Dr Waqainabete explained that the policy has been changed and the assignment of Nursing Practitioners or Doctors to a locality now depended on the urgency of the need for medical services in an area.
He also advised the villages to make use of the services that the Nursing Practitioners provided.
"If you value your lives, ensure that the Nursing Practitioners and Doctors in your Health Centres are always provided with a space to enlighten members of the community with health advisories."
"They can be part of your village meetings and any other large village or communal meetings and be allowed to give medical advice on any topic of interest in your communities."
"Also ensure that personnel are notified of health developments in your communities so they can advise you accordingly to ensure that your communities are free from possible communal disease outbreaks."
"Remember they are very much a part of your community and do not hesitate to enlist their advice and assistance where needed."
Meanwhile, Khan who is originally from Bua was traditionally received by the elders of Naboubuco village during a traditional presentation led by Dr Waqainabete.
By Romeka Romena  

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