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Radiology centre to assist Fijians: Koya


Aug 05, 2022 01:01:45 PM

The health and wealth of Fijians are the health and wealth of the economy.
This was the comment made by the Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport Faiyaz Koya at the launch of the Health Radiology Centre at the Holiday Inn, in Suva yesterday.
The centre, which is owned by Dr Amitesh Raj, is a medical imaging centre and is aimed to provide advanced X-ray and scanning services to the public in aiding the diagnosis of illnesses.
Koya said Radiology is one of the central nodes of any healthcare system.
He highlighted that the way the radiology community has risen to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic truly champions our presence and support to grow Radiology in Fiji.
"They say the health and wealth of our people is the health and wealth of our economy. So when we elevate our services — be it education or health — we are directly contributing to the economy. And its modern services like today that help build a healthy Fiji."
"During the pandemic, timely and accurate interpretation of radiographs played a vital front-line role in the diagnosis, grading and triaging of patients before their COVID-19 PCR test results were confirmed."
"Fijian radiologists had to quickly prepare an approach, manage change and sustain its outcomes – clad in full PPEs, making it quite the challenge for radiologists. Nonetheless, we have all persevered and come anew."
"The impacts of the pandemic are complex right now, and its impacts will continue to be complex as we enter a new post-COVID era. Inevitably, our vulnerable citizens will continue to require healthcare — increasing the demand for more imaging needs."
Koya mentioned the radiology community will continue to be leaders in innovation, striving for medical excellence and ensuring value-driven healthcare.
He also commended Dr Raj on his accomplishment of opening the Fijian-owned health and radiology centre, an ambitious journey that will contribute to the health and wealth of the country.
The Health Radiology Centre is located at the Tebara Plaza in Nakasi and will be operational for the public from Tuesday.
By Romeka Romena

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