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Seasonal work is no holiday Maharaj


Aug 05, 2022 05:55:04 PM

Assistant Minister for Employment Alvick Maharaj reminded 40 seasonal workers for the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) and the Recognized Seasonal Employer (RSE) Scheme is not a holiday opportunity.
The Assistant Minister in his closing address at the pre-departure briefing at Kshatriya Hall in Suva told the workers that the two programs have some variance, but are both predominantly designed to ensure that all parties involved have something to take back and grow with.
Maharaj said the companies can produce, our workers can help their families in Fiji and the people of both countries can enjoy a jovial and family-like relationship.
"All of you are now Fijian Ambassadors, better yet, you now represent your countries, you are Fiji Representatives or as we adoringly call it in this country, 'Fiji Reps.' You are going to showcase talents, knowledge, skills and attitude alongside workers from nine other countries across the Pacific."
"This is to remind all of you of your responsibilities and expected behaviours, as “Fiji Reps”. You have been chosen from among the thousands of applicants that have visited our office. You have gone through the tests and selection processes. Show the employers that they need not look anywhere else because we the Fijians are the best."
"This is directly benefiting many of our Fijian families, their communities and our economy through these remittances."
"You being selected to work in Australia and New Zealand is an opportunity to improve your family livelihoods and later your communities. This is not an opportunity to go for a Holiday. Working in Australia and New Zealand will be tough including a new environment and if you are thinking that this is a Holiday trip, my advice to you is to stay back in Fiji as this is not the program for you," he explained.
The 40 workers are going to six different employers, mainly in the Horticulture Industry ranging from 1 to 4 years, Hospitality Industry and the Meat Industry.
"You play an important role in the engagement of other potential Fijian workers – you must do your best, be dedicated, remain committed and focus on your goals.  Your role is to open doors for your family members and other members of the community."
"This is another reason why you need to return to Fiji after completing your work in Australia and New Zealand, to come and enjoy your hard-earned superannuation here and use it to further improve your family’s standard of living."
"Remember the faces of those that you love back here at home, remember the good things that will be happening to you and your family as you work. Remember, that you are the door that can open so many opportunities for your fellow Fijians."
"Absconding should not be an option for you, for no other Team other than the Vuvale Partnership and your Vuvale at home will look after you and the people that you love. Apply what you have learned here at the PDB," he added.
By Romeka Romena  

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