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Solidarity amongst the young: Bala


Aug 11, 2022 12:42:37 PM

Minister for Youth and Sports Parveen Kumar Bala says solidarity among generations is a key focus for the Government moving forward with national and global challenges.
Bala was speaking at Dratabu village in Nadi and said the International Youth Day celebration aims to inspire the younger generation to come up with innovative ideas and plans leading toward sustainable development.
"The 2022 edition of the International Youth Day celebration is somewhat different and I feel totally relevant to our lives today."
“The theme appeals to consensus building and engagement within generations in society. Human life is based as it is on the cycle of life, from birth to a child to adulthood, and college also read through the generational-based attitudes and ways of seeing things. This is how human society has developed globally. Yet, they are important local elements to how we see and define intergenerational relations and how we can then approach the diversity among the generations."
"In Fiji, despite its diverse multicultural background, we have common ground in the respect and sense of community with which we approach intergenerational solidarity. This is based on compassion and a sense of duty, especially to our elders, or the generations that have come before we were parents or grandparents."
Bala highlighted the International Youth Day celebration provides us with a great platform to highlight the strength of this unique sense of intergenerational solidarity that exists in Fiji and among many other Pacific islands.
"We must focus on these steps as we engage with all people to come up with a set of policies and programs to strengthen Fiji as one nation and one community regardless of age and race, or race, or religion."
"As we move forward in our recovery progress towards growth in our economy through the continued effects of COVID-19. In the Ukraine conflict, we must work on strength, solidarity at all levels will be the key to capitalising on these unique qualities for a peaceful, progressive and sustainable society moving forward."
"This is the solidarity that the Fiji First Government has worked so hard to bring about for all the kids of all ages and from our diverse backgrounds. We must continue to work with the Government so that we continue to rise as one. When we don’t we will fall and bring down all of us when we play the politics of division."
He added the Ministry's appeal during this week-long series of events is to focus on solidarity and focus on the theme to bring home the message that this sense of engagement and belonging must be extended to how we create a unified vision for Fiji and how we realise this into our shared reality.
By Romeka Romena 

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