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Tailevu mum embarks on new journey


Aug 06, 2022 02:42:25 PM

A mother of two, Lusiana Savuciri says she is well aware of how tough her journey will be as she embarks to Australia under the Pacific Labour Scheme next week.
The 38-year-old believes nine months would be enough time for her to earn a good living in Australia and return home with a huge amount of money to bear the expense of her children’s school.
The Dravo villager from Bau in Tailevu said earning a good amount of money and returning back to Fiji is a challenge she took for herself when she received her certificate yesterday from the Assistant Minister of Employment Alvick Maharaj.
"I'm going to Australia for one reason and that is to give my children a better standard of living."
"I want them to live a stress-free and poverty-free life."
"I have two kids, a son in year 7 and daughter in year 8. These days having two children and knowing that the year is about to end is a tough thing because I know my daughter will start high school studies and that’s a different expense."
"I don’t want them to feel that we are financially disadvantaged and can’t support their education. So it’s a challenge for me to fulfill their needs."
"My husband has been  working very hard and has been supporting us a lot but with the times changing and cost of living very high, I knew I had to do something so I filled my forms and applied for this labour scheme."
"It’s just for the betterment of my family and making my husband’s financial load easy."
Going into a foreign country for the first time and trying to adjust to their way of living could be tough but she is determined to fulfill her challenge and take advantage of the 9 months of the scheme.
"Well, nothing is easy these days. Looking for a job in Nausori or Suva is tough and meeting the cost of living is another level of challenge."
"I have never been abroad but that’s fine. I won’t be there alone. I am going in a group and we will stand by each other in the good and bad times."
"Australia is a foreign country and I’m sure it’s not like Fiji where we can have Yagona sessions till late at night and turn to work half drunk the next day. But we aren’t taking these habits there."
"The only traditional practice I’m taking with myself is respect. I know if I have respect for whatever has been tasked to me, God is there to support me."
"I was not able to find a job in Fiji but I really thank God and the people who have worked hard to bring the scheme to our country so that people like me can help our family come out of poverty and our children live a stress-free life and study hard to become something good in life," she added.
By Romeka Romena 

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