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Youth empowerment is imperative: Bala


Aug 11, 2022 12:53:25 PM

Minister for Youth and Sports Parveen Bala believes youth empowerment in any development is imperative for the personal development of an individual and is pursued by promoting youth rights.
Bala, while addressing the International Youth Day celebration at Dratabu village in Nadi said youths are the largest population in this nation and that mandates the Government to focus more on the development of young youths.
“The Government has worked within the global vision of sustainable development and incorporated it as part of Fiji's 20-year National Development Plan NDP for an inclusive social economic development that will ensure that all socio-economic rights in the constitutions are the Government's vision is to place inclusivity at the centre of growth and development and the benefits of goodwill will be spread as widely as possible to improve the social well-being of all Fijians."
"No one will be left behind regardless of geographical location, gender, ethnicity, physical intellectual capability, and social and economic status. Fiji's vision aligns itself with goal 10 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to reduce inequality within and among countries."
"The International Youth Day 2022 is an opportunity to continue dialogue on how Governments young people and youth-led and youth-focused organisations as well as other stakeholders are transforming levels of inequalities and assess and provide input in order to cultivate an enabling environment towards the achievement of our UNDP goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development."
He said to achieve the 2030 agenda, the world needs to liberate the full potential of all generations.
"This year's key highlights that solidarity across generations is the key to sustainable growth that brings about economic benefits and social justice for all. We must call up to foster successful intergenerational relations and partnerships to ensure that no one is left behind."
"The Fiji First Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports has placed great emphasis on empowering the youth for a better tomorrow. Opportunities have been put in place for the youth to be empowered and self-sustaining through the Ministry’s mobile and specific skills empowerment and capacity building training problems."
"And I know all of you have the pride, commitment and intelligence to make a difference in your community in a positive way. Let us all work together. And as the theme for this year's International Youth Day celebration states ``work with sports that brings us together and move us forward one nation, as one people under one unified and visionary leadership of the Fiji First government."
By Romeka Romena  

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