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A Rabuka Govt will listen, says Tabuya


Oct 27, 2022 02:47:53 PM

A Rabuka Govt will listen, says Tabuya People’s Alliance Deputy Leader Lynda Tabuya is adamant they will form the next Government and says they will be totally different from the ruling FijiFirst administration.

In an interview with FijiLive, Tabuya highlighted they would be a Government that listens to its people, a loving a compassionate Government and with the leadership style that its leader Sitiveni Rabuka has, Fiji will see a new dawn.

Tabuya said the people are tired of being repressed, tired of the persecution and intimidations of political leaders who really do not share the ideologies of the ruling Party.

She said the people are also tired of the disparity between the rich and poor, the increase in the cost of living, tired of the housing crisis, the deteriorating health sector, the crumbling education system and the list goes on.

“A two men rule for the last 16 years has really done no good to the Fijian economy or to its people,” she said.

She said a Rabuka led Government will consult, hear out consensus and designate roles to people around and trust them that they will do them.

“It will respect the work done by independent organizations and not weaponize it for political gains to eliminate rivals, which we see now happening in Fiji.”

“A Rabuka led Government will be kind, a servant-leadership style and one that will not micro-manage its people but work well with them.”

We believe in the ability and the capability of our people,” she added.

Tabuya says their line-up of candidates contesting the General Election is diverse as there are lawyers, economists, climate scientists, teachers, retired civil servants with backgrounds in policing and security, communities workers and financing who have continued to prove themselves as the best in their fields.

When questioned whether the principles that Rabuka has for the party will be enough to lead Fiji, she said she would not have been in politics if it weren’t for his principles.

Tabuya said she sees Rabuka as a very principled person who has virtues, decency, respect and who lately has introduced their doctorine of love, something they had been formulating for sometime now.

“Something different from the fear- factor this Government is known for --- running Fiji into a Police state, using the Military and Police to come down hard on its citizens who criticse or oppose them.”

“A two men rule that never listens to anyone but that of the Attorney-General and his close assoicate, who in fact does not trust others to getting the work done,” she added.

By Ilaitia Ravuwai

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