Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Regatta week will boost Fiji’s economy: Moffat

Musket Cove Resort director William Moffat believes the launch of the 2023 Fiji Regatta Week celebration will boost Fiji’s economic growth through the tourism sector.

While announcing a partnership with Vodafone Fiji for the event yesterday, Moffat said the Fiji Regatta Week is primed for another big year in 2023 with several new events added to the schedule from 6-10 September 2023.

“The Regatta Week a celebration of our deep-rooted maritime heritage, and a showcase of the incredible talent and passion that thrives within our yachting community. It's a week that we eagerly await each year, a time when the seas come alive with the colours of billowing sails and the sounds of cheering crowds.”

“The yachters and the communities are very conscious that Fiji’s tourism sector will be boosted with the arrival of a number of sailors and their families on our shoes to be part of the event. The sea yachters come together and use local Fijians home and facilities and that itself becomes a huge help for our Fijian families.”

“We have already received 100 applications from around 400 people to participate in the event. A lot of yachts are already in Fiji preparing for the week long competition. It will be slightly more than last year and we have two groups of people who have set out from the UK, France and Italy to participate in the competition and later will be moving to Vanuatu and other Pacific Island countries.”

Vodafone Fiji sponsorship manager Adriu Vakarau said the unwavering commitment from Musket Cove has transformed a mere gathering of boats into a regatta of such grandeur.

“Together, we create an environment that fosters not only friendly competition but also a strong sense of unity and pride. Let us remember that the week is about more than just racing. It's about coming together as a community, as friends, and as fellow enthusiasts of the sea.”

“It’s about celebrating our shared love for the ocean, our unique maritime culture, and the bonds that tie us to these beautiful islands we call home.”

Romeka Romena
Romeka Romena
Journalist | news@fijilive.com


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