Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Review will be underpinned by essential principles

Minister for iTaukei Affairs Ifereimi Vasu says the forthcoming Strategic Review of the iTaukei Administration will be underpinned by a foundation of essential principles.

Vasu highlighted this during the Naitasiri Provincial Council Meeting earlier this week.

“These reviews will focus on the structure and functions of the iTaukei Administration, the iTaukei Lands and Fisheries Commission, iTaukei Land Trust Board. These three institutions come under the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs and are crucial to the iTaukei people,” Vasu remarked.

“Firstly, the concept of sustainability will take center stage, with a strong emphasis on all institutions, projects, or programs delivering tangible and measurable returns, be they financial or social in nature. Secondly, a robust sense of accountability will be upheld, necessitating meticulous governance practices and clearly defined qualifications for trustees and other designated roles.”

“Inclusiveness will also be a key theme, advocating for the active involvement of women and youth in the realm of development and lastly, the principle of future preservation will be prioritised, aiming to safeguard certain benefits for the well-being of generations to come, a facet that encompasses the responsible creation and management of wealth.”

“I encourage everyone in the 16 Districts of Naitasiri and its 91 Villages to diligently prepare their submissions and deliver them to the committee once the consultation commences later this year. Rest assured, all your opinions, recommendations, and ideas will be taken into careful consideration during the crafting of an updated Act governing the iTaukei Administration.”

He also urged the Naitasiri province to make complete use of the forthcoming Strategic Review of the iTaukei Administration once the Review Committee is established.

The Cabinet endorsed the strategic review of the three institutions in July this year.

The strategic review will be coordinated by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs.

Artika Ram
Artika Ram
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