Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Reynolds takes lesson before meeting King

Actor Ryan Reynolds is taking etiquette lessons before meeting with the King of England His Highness King Charles III.

Reynolds, who is the owner of Welsh soccer club Wrexham, is intending to ask the British Government for funding.

In the documentary series ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Reynolds revealed he is in need of etiquette coaching in advance of a visit by the King of England.

The team is trying to get 20 million pounds (roughly $25 million) in funding from the UK Government to modernise the stadium, add 5,500 seats and generally bring the facility up to international standards, so making a good impression on the crowned one is critical.

“We went to a monarchy boot camp. It’s like the military, except your pinky’s always out,” Reynolds said, Variety reported.

There they met up with etiquette coach Lisa Gaché, who quickly learned who she was dealing with after asking if it was their first time being trained in etiquette.

“I did read, a breezy read, ‘Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teenagers’ when I was a kid,” Reynolds joked.

From there, each lesson came complete with snarky comments from the guys.

Gaché explained that posture is the most important part of a first impression and taught them how to be seated and rise from a chair in the presence of royalty.

Next up was the bow, which Gaché described as “a certain inclination of the head.”

To go along with the bow is also a proper handshake, using a “two pumps and release” method taught by Gaché.

“That was an exchange,” Reynolds said with a smile at one point.

Romeka Romena
Romeka Romena
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