May 26, 2021
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Davis shares terrifying experience

Fiji’s first professional woman footballer Trina Davis reveals she has other options in her next step in football, but won't be rushing into any decisions any time soon.

Davis said this following her roller coaster experience while playing for the ASA Tel Aviv in the Israeli Women’s Premier League Israel and when the conflict between Gaza and Palestine bagan.

The 19-year-old signed a professional deal with the ASA Tel Aviv University Soccer Club in March and scored a goal during her two and a half months with the team.

Davis is enjoying and spending time with her friends and family while she is a free agent once again.

"I was creating more chances and opportunities. I had a few more assists and then just the way I was connecting well with the players was I think better," she said from the comfort of her family home, 45 minutes out of Seattle,” she told Radio NZ.

"I know it was going to take a couple of games but it was good towards the end we were really ready to play on Thursday but then it ended on that Tuesday, but they actually did have a game on Sunday after the cease-fire."

The Israeli Women's Premier League was put on hold two weeks ago after fighting broke out between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants.

Davis said her team had just finished a training session on Tuesday night when rockets started flying overhead.

"We had practice till 8:30 and it came at 9 but we were still at the field when everything was kind of first my team-mates told me, 'don't worry, the missiles never reach Tel Aviv. The sirens will come on but (it's ok).'

"Then right when the sirens turned on we saw them in the air and some of them started crying and I was like, 'oh so this is like real - it's never been like this?' and they were like, 'no', so that's when I kind got really scared."

The US born striker recalled saying the US Embassy couldn’t help her because it did not deem the situation to be an emergency but her parents managed to book a flight with Israeli carrier El Al and reached her home in Seattle safely.

"My flight wasn't until 2am (on Tuesday) so I was there for a while but I still didn't feel like I was actually leaving until I was up in the air. Not even in New York - I still felt like I could somehow not go home - so I didn't really feel like I was home yet until I got into Seattle Airport," she recalled.

"I cried at the airport. They all - my dad, my mum, my sister, and my boyfriend - came and picked me up so it was super nice."

She was one of four US citizens in the ASA Tel Aviv squad when she arrived in Israel but was the only one left by the time the conflict erupted in Gaza.

Her teammates were no strangers to international conflict and supported Davis during a scary and emotional week.

"Just because I've experienced nothing like that and the sirens like that I think it was definitely a life-changing experience," she said.

"They definitely were making sure I was ok, figuring out what I was going to do and telling me to come with them. I was actually really happy - they told me more about the Iron Dome and stuff while this was going on and keeping me calm so it was good, I think I needed that."

She is grateful for her first taste of professional football.

"It was a good starting point. I mean it wasn't the stats I wanted - obviously I wanted to score more and have more assists, but it was good just being my first game back from after my injury and after everything.

"It showed my work definitely paid off because when I was playing my knee didn't hurt at all, so I worked really hard to be where I'm at right now and I can only get better."

By Romeka Romena  

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