Monday, May 29, 2023
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Venue change for Vatuwaqa Primary voters

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem has confirmed that voters assigned to vote at the Vatuwaqa Primary School will now vote at the Yat Sen Secondary School on Election day.

Saneem made this announcement following a major fire at Vatuwaqa Primary School early this morning.

He also announced that in accordance with section 41, 5 of the Electoral Act, the following venues which were published on the 16th of November 2022 are not available for polling on election day due to reasons that we are aware of.

Saneem explained that voters assigned to these venues have been reassigned to alternative polling venues listed.

Polling for these venues still remains on 14th of December 2022 and will commence at 7:30am right up until 6pm when the last voter in the queue has voted.

In the Central Division, Discover Fiji Tourist will now be voting at Raiwaqa settlement FEO shed.

Latter Day Saints Church Hall Wailoku will be voting at Sailoma Methodist Church ground FEO tent.

Latter Day Saints College Tamavua will be voting at Tamavua feeder road roundabout FEO shed.

Latter Day Saints Church Hall Nakasi will be voting in Nadera ground FEO shed.

Waisasavu Saint Krusitino church hall will be voting at Waisasavu village FEO shed.

Naitonitoni agriculture station will be voting at Naitonitoni agriculture FEO shed. This is where we’ve moved out of the building and it’s been constructed by us on the ground.

Tamavua Primary school will now be voting at the same place but now it is called Jaginder Singh Primary School. Note that the name of the school has changed.

In the northern division, Urata Arya Ved Prachar Mandali will now be voting at Urata Ramayan Mandir FEO shed.

Naindi community hall will be voting at Naindi Catholic Hall.

Nevunevu community hall will be voting at Waitabu community hall.

Those scheduled to vote at Laujonia Shopping Center FEO shed Labasa will now be voting at Wailevu Shri Sanatan Dharam Mandir FEO shed.

Namoli community hall Labasa-those voters will be voting at Namoli mobile kindergarten.

In the Western Division, two areas Voua village MBO shed will now be voting in the Voua village community hall while Navoli Sangam school ground FEO shed will be voting in Navoli Sangam school.

“Those are the 16 venues in which there are changes; one has not changed except for the change of name of the venue. These are the changes for Wednesday.

“It will be published in tomorrow’s newspapers. And of course, voters will be informed and will be placing big banners outside the current venue as well as in the new venue so that voters are aware where they have to go. And so those are the changes to the polling venues,” Saneem added.

Romeka Romena
Romeka Romena
Journalist |


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