Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Buksh picks out contractual breach in Nalubu’s release dispute

Rewa FA’s President, Nazeel Buksh, has pitched his say on the contentious transfer issue surrounding footballnstar Sairusi Nalubu, alleging the contractual breach by Lautoka FA.

“Lautoka is disputing, claiming a player cannot terminate his contract. Their argument is that they are following the regulation,”

In an exclusive Interview with FijiLive, Buksh states that while Lautoka FA has begun complying with FijiFA’s regulation, which caps player salaries at $200, , he says they have not amended their existing contracts to reflect this change.

“June of last year, FijiFA implemented a regulation where players’ income from playing football has a ceiling for the clubs… every player must be paid $200 or below, nothing above that. So, looking at Nalubu’s contract, his initial pay was above $200 (including housing rent, allowances),”

“What Lautoka should have done is amend the contract or offer a new one that matches the new regulations. But they did not do that. They were keeping the contract, breaching it, and still trying to follow the regulation, which is not right,”

“If you are following the regulation, you need to amend the previous contract with the player’s endorsement. Subsequently, Nalubu terminated his contract in December 2023 and applied for his release,” he explained.

The situation has shed light on the broader implications for player contracts within the league, suggesting that more players might be facing similar contractual issues.

Rewa FA stands firm on the principle that football associations must not only comply with governing body regulations but also maintain the integrity of contractual agreements with their players.

Simran Chand
Simran Chand
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