Friday, January 27, 2023
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SODELPA moving forward with decision: Jale

The Social Democratic Liberal Party is moving forward with the final decision taken yesterday by the Management Board, in spite of what General Secretary Lenaitasi Duru claims.

Duru claimed that the meeting yesterday and the decision taken was unconstitutional.

But these claims were slammed by the Vice-President and the Lead Negotiator, Anare Jale this afternoon.

Jale said Duru verified each member and approved the quorum at yesterday’s meeting.

“Those people in the meeting yesterday were confirmed to be representatives of those constituencies. All the members were confirmed by the General Secretary. SODELPA is not turning back, and the country is not turning backwards, but moving forward.

Jale highlighted that Duru needed to show his evidence if he thought otherwise.

“The decision taken yesterday is final. It was properly done, so if someone is saying it was done in an improper way and illegally, the person has to prove it.

“If he wants to take the Party to Court, he is acting as an individual and not the Party. We are the Party,” he said.

The Vice President also responded to claims that the Registrar of the Political Party had responded to Duru saying the meeting and the decision were unconstitutional.

“We need to look at the letter and verify that. From our side, everything was legal, he was the one that verified that the quorum was legal and the board members that were there yesterday were valid candidates to seat at the meeting.”

“I think he (Duru) was representing people who want to take the other way. You see the voting was very close 16-14 for (PAP/NFP and SODELPA), so he must be aggrieved that the person he was representing didn’t have it their way,” Jale added.

The Vice President also highlighted that the General Secretary role is something that the Party will now need to look into.

However, this afternoon, the General Secretary, Lenaitasi Duru held a press conference and maintained his stand.

He confirmed that he saw the irregularities and addressed them, but the Management Board overruled his decision.

“The Board decided to allow them in and that opened up a can of worms,” he said.

Ilaitia Ravuwai
Ilaitia Ravuwai
Journalist |


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