Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Adopt a healthy lifestyle, Cancer champ pleads

Cancer champion, Krita Prasad is pleading with Fijians to adopt to a healthy lifestyle to fight the killer disease.

Speaking at the Fiji Cancer Society and Motibhai Group’s Fiji’s Biggest Morning Tea in Suva on Wednesday, the awareness creator said early detection is key to early treatment.

“Couple of years ago I found a lump in my breast.  I knew that was not normal for me and I had been seeing doctors.  Mr Jinesh Patel, who is also a Fiji Cancer Society Board Member, helped me make an appointment for screening at the Society clinic.”

“The clinic nurse examined me, and put my mind at ease saying she didn’t think it was anything to worry about and referred me for further scanning to be sure it wasn’t cancer.”

“I’m thankful that cancer was not diagnosed.  I am still under the care of my doctor; having regular scans and checkups to be sure it doesn’t become an issue.”

The 26-year-old said people can significantly reduce their risk of developing cancer and other NCDs, and maybe even prevent cancer by adopting some simple lifestyle behaviours.

“I encourage everyone to think about and adopt these healthy lifestyle behaviours. These things are in our control.”

“Get at least 30-50 minutes of exercise 4-5 days a week, get your heart rate up.  Go dancing, or a fast walk before breakfast, or play a sport. Tobacco and alcohol consumption are linked to many cancers.  Do what you can to stop smoking and drinking.”

“Seek and share reliable information from sources like Fiji Cancer Society and Ministry of Health about causes of cancer, signs, symptoms and prevention and where to go for help.  Knowledge is powerful.”

“Know what’s normal for you and when not normal, talk to a health professional. Get to know your lumps and bumps, your wangles and dangles, know your normal bowel and urine habits and your normal menses.  I knew that lump was not normal for me and I took action.”

The purchasing officer at Motibhai Group of Companies further encouraged Fijians to get their screening done.

“Screening is the best opportunity to pick up cancers and other NCDs as early as possible when they can be treated better in Fiji.  Again, I am a good example of making myself a priority and seeking the right advice at the right time from trusted health professionals.”

“Talk to your nearest health centre if something isn’t normal for you.  We all need to speak up about our health or our silence will kill us.  We need to talk to health professionals for their guidance.  Not all abnormalities are serious, but they do need checking.”

Romeka Romena
Romeka Romena
Journalist |


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