Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Juveniles targeted by drug peddlers

Involvement of juveniles in drug related activities, and the potential to be used as peddlers/pushers has become a cause of concern to the Fiji Police Force and parents are being urged to be vigilant about their children’s activities and strictly monitor who they are spending their time with.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Operations (ACP) Livai Driu said recent arrests indicate a shift in peddling areas to popular spots frequented by juveniles and youths, adding the arrests for unlawful possession of illicit drugs involving children is highly linked to children being targeted by suppliers.

He said as the focus intensifies on known drug suppliers and distributors, children could be targeted to sell drugs as they would be considered to be unlikely suspects.

ACP Driu said intervention measures such as being fully aware of children’s activities and their group of friends, to picking up a change in behavior and friends could assist in keeping children from getting involved in the illicit drug trade.

He assures members of the public that concerted efforts are being made throughout the five policing divisions in curbing drugs, and this is testament to the increase in drug related offences during the month of July.

ACP Driu said that while some children may be lured by the opportunity to earn money, the message that needs to be reiterated is the long-term consequences on their education and future.

He added that collaborative efforts between Police and other stakeholders such as the Fiji Detector Dog Unit, has led to a number of arrests and seizures of drugs ready for distribution over the past few days.

ACP Driu is urging the parents and guardians to continue talking to their children about the devastating impacts drugs will have on their young lives, their family, and future.


Artika Ram
Artika Ram
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